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Quote Date August 23, 2022
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4 Optimize your free Google Business Profile

Create Google business account and configure all business information and other properties into the account. - One time charge

2 SEO enhancements

Install and configure Rank Math for better SEO. This is a monthly recurring cost

2 Get listed in online directories

Research industry leaders and influencers. Go to their pages (website and social media) and submit business information. This is a monthly recurring cost.

2 Build backlinks

Go to influencers and SME's sites and SM pages and make comments create reviews, use links back to social media sites, and website. This is a monthly recurring cost

2 Post to social media

Constantly create posts and question / answer type posts to inspire dialogue concerning construction and the construction industry. This is a monthly recurring cost

1 Include hashtags in your posts

Research most common hashtags used by subject matter experts in your industry to generate social media chatter and interest. - One time charge

1 Set up Guest bloging

Identify subject matter experts and business owners who would like to trade article for article to enhance the materials provided on your blog site. Create articles on equipment, good and bad practices concerning commercial construction, etc. This is a monthly recurring cost

1 Engage online

Join groups, sites, communities. Frequently visit and create posts, ask questions, answer questions, gain credibility through reviews and gamification strategies. This is a monthly recurring cost

3 Create Blogging area for gaconstructiontx.com

Create GA Construction blog, Create blog article once every two weeks. Recurring cost.

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Total $720.00