Utilizing jQuery in SharePoint – Get More Done Faster

Mark Rackly

Pait Group


What can you do?

  • Manipulate the document object model
  • Supported by Microsoft.
  • Custom calendars
  • Custom charts

Let SharePoint do the heavy lifting

Page modifications..remove clutter improve workflow add business logic to forms.

Call web services*

Create dashboards

  1. Create script
  2. Add script
  3. Viola!

SharePoint Framework organizes workflows

They execute with the same privileges as current user

Permissions cannot be elevated

Deployment options, use add in model

  • Add in model
  • Sandbox
  • Manual

How SharePoint builds pages

Document ready (after page loads)

SPonload is better than document.ready function . *


.closest, next,prev

Best practices

  • Use id if possible
  • Reduce dom searches
  • Re-use code / Good practices
  • Minimize files
  • Use animations to hide slow performance
  • Delay loading of selects until you need the data
  • Test “vanilla” in sharepoint first

Favorite 3rd party

  • Content slider
  • Formatted tables
  • Modal windows
  • Calendar
  • Stratus Forms
  • Draw on canvas
  • Responsive tiles
  • Flip 3d

Let’s do stuff:

Develop for the cloud, so store js files in site collection not hive (file system)

Create file in assets library. paste code in file/go to sharepoint > site contents > site pages > files, new webpart page > tabs > u

Use media content webpart

blitzer css *

Theme Roller theme engine*

  1. Set up js files
  2. Add webparts to tabs
  3. Identify web part
  4. Add vendors list
  5. Open dev tools

Append moves the content to the div

Dynamic webparts in tabs3.js

Use zones as hooks

Digital signature..use modified by or….

Sketch for digital signature

Easy digital signatures *

Convert t0 base 64 string and share to sharepoint –> awsomeness!*


You need to truncate the 64 ┬ábase string it’s huge.


Use video portal in office 365, it rocks.*

Streaming works great!

Video library in SharePoint…not so much


  • Embed video, pull from office
  • Call using rest interface to get all videos in office 365, and display them for download.
  • Every time another video is added, it displays in SharePoint