Simplifying File Organization with Enterprise Keywords


Laura Rogers

End user experience with files

  • SharePoint app
  • Outlook
  • Other office products

Office integration for tagging files

  • Tagging
  • Enterprise keywords
  • Office client
  • Open word, save as..SharePoint locations are there
  • The end user needs to use the system


  • Pin to list when you are saving
  • Tagging
  • Notice breadcrumbs
  • Notice favorites
  • Notice quick access

Setting Defaults

  • Settings/enterprise keywords (we need to do this for our internal customers)*
  • Uses managed metadata
  • Column and default settings
  • When people drop it here..tag it with this
  • It only tags those that are added after you have activated the tagging in site settings
  • Library, list, folder (you can tag them all

Keywords are free form, so people can put nonsense, but the benefits outweigh the negatives.

  • No folders, show all files without folders in settings.
  • Column/default value settings
  • What users type overrides default values (this is problematic).

One drive is just a document library that syncs with your local

  • Use of explorer to create views and tags locally

Admin of metadata

  • You can manage the metadata after it has been entered
  • Establish organization of metadata
  • If a keyword is misspelled you shouldn’t delete it..this seems like a problem *
  • Create synonyms
  • Create acronyms

Term Store Demo:

  • Organizing the term store
  • Create a managed meta data column
  • Choose term store terms i.e. CFO
    • User can only use certain terms
    • In a tree structure
    • Policy document
    • Metadata offline

Customized search center

  • Recommend creating a search Center
  • Customize it through tags, and refine your search




  • Should taxonomies, folksonomies, tagging, term store, keywords grow organically, or should there be a fairly strict structure through governance.

Answer 1:

  • Depends on the site, group, team, wiki, etc.
  • Manage the term store often.

Answer 2:

  • The deeper it is the less relevant it becomes. Be careful with this.

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