Re-imagine the way work gets done


Okay, we’ve got technical difficulties with the presenter. I’m online. Digital Workspace and Avanade on the screen.  Announcements..keynote speaker is feeling sick. 10:15 Chris Mcnulty, 12:45 lunch. lightning talks 5 min talks they try to be entertaining….silly, give away prizes…you should go.

Where is digital workplace heading? Inspirational related. Introduction…how gartner defines DW.  Intranet thinking. What are the components.

Working in SP for 13 years. MS MVP Michelle Caldwell. NA Digital workplace transformation.

Digital Workplace.

Digital Customers – Gartner definition: see slide

Go through info-graphic.









Connection DW and DC. Antiquated systems internally prevents this connection.

Dartmouth Hitchcock MS cloud, wearable and analytics. imagine care. Machine intelligence. – presentation video.

DW Enables competitive advantage. How do we transform?

These are the improvements:

  • 78% of respondents noted employee productivity improvements
  • 82% of respondents noted employee satisfaction improvements
  • 70% of respondents noted revenue increases
  • 81% of respondents noted more effective teamwork
  • 78% of respondents noted New approaches to drive innovation

How does an end user use this?

  • Any location
  • Employee fluidity
  • Any device










Being remote is frustrating, audio, video, etc.

video on complexities of video conferencing.

4 years..working remotely.’

future of DW –

virtual team walls

video..future team space

  • Hololense – motorcycle…look it up. *
  • 3d printing
  • Surface
  • Modern offering
  • Heavy investments in wearable devices and Cortana
  • Wearable bands

3 Themes

  • Bringing people together
  • Living smarter with wearable
  • Team work spaces
  • Live interactive data
  • SharePoint is part of this vision..still making heavy investments
Three major trends
  • AI
    • Bots
    • Autonomous cars
      • Labor displacement
      • Security
      • Shipping industry upheaval
      • Trip optimizers
      • Data analysis
      • How are we preparing for this
      • John dear AI
  • Chief of Work
    • Big in Europe
    • Chief DW officers
    • Talent/technology/place
    • VP of hr are getting involved Staff Dev? *
    • 2020..cubicles will be gone
    • Work from home
  • Endangered Cubicles
Benefits of DW
  • Organizational Challenges
    • Attract, engage and retain employees who expect to work collaboratively using consumer-grade interfaces and tools
    • Support devices used by employees and make key applications and information available anytime, anywhere in a secure way
    • Enable more agile and productive ways of teamwork and collaboration
  • Business function challenges
    • Increase win rates, close sales faster, bring new sales people up to competency faster and accelerate the launch of new products/markets
    • Improve customer satisfaction, decrease operation expenses, increase up-sell and reduce time to competency
    • Enable operational improvements, improve service satisfaction, increase up-time and reduce time to competency
Defining measurable benefit
  • Strategic Outcome
  • Value Drivers
  • Benefits










One search scope..don’t boil the whole sea *

We should focus on specific business process inefficiencies, and address them, document the benefits over time, and compare to current system.  Create template for this.*

accelerating business cycles

Delta story:

workplace transformation.

enterprise social

galley setup efficiency

DW Architectural framework

syram? Dynamics and delve

Where does it all fit? ****

reshape your business

user experience

start with people..and move through process

Here is the PDF from the presentation:

Tues_845_Reimagine the Way Work Gets Done_Caldwell