Power Users Tips and Tricks for building business applications

Jared Matfess – solution architect


  • Sharepoint rest API
  • Solution walkthrough – intake process
  • Things to watch out for…

Technology Stack

Infopath – good for demoing in dev.

  • end of life 2023
  • besides 3rd party – there is currently no replacement
  • citizen developer revolution (good idea for a presentation) marcs andrewson post

Focus areas

  • HTML
  • Javascript
  • Search based solutions (display templates)
  • Sharepoint REST endpoints

SDLC business solutions do not play well together

There is no concept of sdlc

  • Site collection backup and restore
  • manual recreation
    • mistake prone
  • 3rd party solution recommended to promote content (migration)

Getting data in and out of SharePoint

rest api

SharePoint Object model

start with rest


  • Service root url
  • resource path
  • query

It comes out in xml, but it’s just a list view

  • JQuery ajax function
    • URL
    • headers

Call web service action

“gimme all items in the list”

  • diagram process
  • description column makes the record huge
  • code to truncate description
  • presentations webpart

Steps online..look them up. *

  • he’ll write a blog tonight with this info.
  • truncate.js for descriptions


  • Permission request for subsite demo
  • extensive workflow and infopath
  • githu/jaredmatfess/spsboston2015