29 Jun

Advanced Enterprise Content Management and Classification in SharePoint on-premises and Office 365

Chris Mcnulte

  • ECM
    • Taxonomies
    • Records retention
    • Get the intro from the earlier presentation
  • Information Architecture
    • Taxonomy
    • Catalogs
    • Content type syndication 365 and delve

Core 2013 and Office 365

What is metadata?

  • Investing in ECM and SharePoint
  • Site collection the most important administrative area
  • Script the process
  • Core service is managed meta data
  • Content types

Metadata new changes how you can edit metada.

OneDrive and SharePoint are the same thing…personalized version of SharePoint.

  • Pinning or reusing a term
  • As they grow (taxonomies) projects/offices/regions/
  • Geographical taxonomies
  • Time zones, etc.
  • Reusing terms = pinning

Wictor Wilen

  • Build in excel

Wand..taxonomy **

  • Download default taxonomies

Content type hubs

  • Allow you to group
  • Sharepoint uservoice .com
  • I create a site collection register as a content type hub/content type gallery once an hour master hub checks for changes/
  • Set up a separate site collection that has nothing to do with intranet cth.contoso.com – content type hub.
    • For server movement
  • Only syndicate business imperative content types
  • Future
  • Document id function can get cut off
  • Syndication allows you to make one change and change all content types
  • Site policies should be defined in the site collection
  • Enterprise policy ECM
  • Content types is problematic when you go to 365 roadmap on presentation

Limit content types if you are on the edge of moving to 2016. 2013 is actually 2 engines at the kernel level, and 2016 is one, basically 2013 with some additions.

Lightning talk in texas? Where?

Managed metadata service connection

  • Content type syndication starts runing
  • Who are the affected admins of the term store
  • Master syndicated content management
  • Enterprise content types needs to be established..others can grow organically

Navigation and information

  • Modern thumbnail-centric library view
  • Inline contextual information panel
  • This is where we will add the functionality due to the move to UX development (DOM)








29 Jun

Real-World SharePoint Information Governance: A Case Study

Antonio Maio – Protiviti


2 case studies –

Helps enterprises establish governance plans

  • Control chaos

once you have the plan, how do you put this into practice..this is the hard work

Key areas to focus on:

  • Security
  • Low hanging fruit (quick and dirty)
    • Roles and responsibility, starts with it..admins -all of them/architects/records management/legal/etc.
      • Make sure you have two site and data owners primary and secondary
    • Information Architecture
      • data classification field
        • public/sensitivity/confidentiality
    • Define rules for site creation management, decommissioning
    • Define security groups permissions and roles for assigning permissions
      • logs
    • Determine training needs plan to educate the user community

Now you have a plan:

  • How do we make this happen?
  • Governance is about organizational change
    • it’s politically difficult
      • you have to convince them that the change and movement is beneficial to the org.* this!!! Politically heavy.

Case study one: Oil and Gas (4500 people)

Heavily regulated / PHMSA/DOE/DOT

  • Most sensitive/ceo’s salary bonus and stock grants (costs)
  • Took 18 months to have 18 departments up and running
  • Started with one department
  • Governance committee (most difficult part) they wanted 40 people on it, they got it down to 15, they wanted less, 9-10
    • Establishing gov com, then meet with people
    • Define a charter with committee
    • It took two months
  • Roles and responsibilities
    • Define roles
    • Define responsibilities
  • Define architecture
    • Site owners are not able to create subsites (this does not work with large organizations with more than 8000 employees)
    • 3rd party tools that monitor /site creation / last modified / etc.
    • Annual process to review, archive i.e. this project is closed –> archive
    • Patches/updates is critical
    • Recommend stay two months behind, MS has released problems in an update, and they get fixed in two months
    • Disposition process after expiration goes on a disposition list to get permission to delete * workflows help automate this process, ask data owners if data can be deleted
    • Does not like records center in general use in place records management
    • No Business Social

Other info

  • 4500 people
  • Farm admins (2) 5 farms
  • AD (3)
  • SQL (3)
  • IT (6)SP ¬†developers / pm group handled management, and scheduling
  • End user and power user training was 2 hours a piece, provided materials and videos
  • Each department had a site collection

Site for information governance

  • Set up governance notebook
    • Meetings
    • Minutes (If you still do this)
    • Documents
    • Planning goals
    • Visions
    • Rules
    • Charter
    • Responsibilities
    • Timelines
    • It/business/executive roles
    • All Requirements
    • 18 months (8 departments)
  • Timing was critical
  • IT involved was critical
  • Defining data owner
    • Understand the regulation for their data
    • Approve access requests (may delegate)
    • Regular permission reviews (annually) for each department)*

Still had to produce a document

  • They took all the information and created a pdf


Q. If organization is unstructured, departments are ambiguous, and enterprise is process driven?

Q & A. Two primary approaches:

  1. Address the unstructured (no departments/hierarchy) by defining some structure
  2. Create collections based on enterprise processes.
    1. Projects
    2. Collaboration(teams)
    3. Search center
    4. MySites

Case Study – Financial services – (4000 employees)

  • Material Non-Public Information (insider trading) failed an SEC audit.
  • 2200 file shares and 1600 sites
  • 3 months
    • Identify data owners
      • Reporting
      • Primary and secondary data owners/primary and secondary site owners ***** these people need assistance and training!!
      • Permission remediation*
      • Create ownership claim list – need executive sponsorship and compliance to review this**
      • This form was simple (5 questions)
        • note: Look at step two on the slide, this is the form for claim list
        • step 3 IT needs to help them with this

Success criteria and Outcomes

Voronus to monitor and automate the site creating and deleting and approval process.


29 Jun

“Bootstrap” Responsive SharePoint, the RIGHT Way

Work on break points..

  • .identify your key devices, then
  • identify break points..then
  • how to fix it.

Mobile first design!

  • politically heavy decision use analytics to figure it out.
  • what do we show?

responsive design

  • media queries
  • @media

SharePoint has two things

  • publishing sites
  • device channels (adaptive)

Bad things for designing:

  • More than one master page
  • device channels
    • device channels for advertising..”You have an iphone!”


  • slim it down, because SharePoint is a cow
  • Sass


meta view-port – gimme width, gimme device width not pixels

publishing site –> site settings search engine optimization settings..include the meta tag..don’t touch master-page.

css preprocessor–> sass


background: $highLightColor

separate variables

  • branding config file
  • partials
    • ascii font is pretty cool
    • include underscore to make this file a variable file
  • benefit of modularizing your code before it is run in the browser, less calls

Now, bootstrap

  • terminal is cool
  • lets get bootstrap
  • less bad sass good
  • bootstrap is a cow – 75000 lines of code (much smaller than SharePoint though
  • 12 grid is the best

Now SharePoint

  • everything gets box sizing border-box
    • reset to fix box sizing (go back to
    • resets
  • % placeholder*
  • Mozilla development network to get default values
  • reset to block!!!* because of stupid tables in SharePoint

if statements (you can do this

+ adjacent sibling selector

Session materials will be posted here within a few days. Last checked Monday. No materials yet.


Code on git:





29 Jun

Creating an Approval Workflow

Content approval setting – just set up an alert

Moderator (alert)


  • Content approval, and out of the box workflows
  • Approval is in the area of versioning..weird
  • Draft item security is important, pay attention
  • Reject a submission
  • Out of the box workflows
  • Add a workflow, feature activates
  • Approval workflow, name it. i.e. marketing approval.
  • “Groups” assigns this to all in the group. There is a claim task on the task they are getting
  • Duration per task
  • Different workflows to different content types
  • i.e. company policy manual

Task process designer

  • Assign a task
    • For one person, use “Assign a Task”
    • For more than one, use “Start A Task Process”
  • You can customize your e-mail and manage tasks

Pros and cons