29 Jun

Delivering the Value of SharePoint in a Regulated Environment

Jared Matfess

Slalom Communication

  • The problem with SharePoint
    • Makes it too easy to share files
    • Mobile friendly
    • Difficult problem to solve..seamlessly share, but just some stuff
  • Planning
    • Awareness
    • Act security framework – goals
    • Culture – change risk adverse culture – get buy in
    • Technology –
  • Approach
    • Common areas
      • Organizational effectiveness
      • Risk management
      • Operational enhancement
        • Collecting feedback.
        • You are never done
        • Always go back and look around
      • Responsibility starts at content authors and goes out.
    • Data concerns
      • Intellectual
      • Salary
      • Acquisitions
      • Regulations
        • Internal
        • External
      • Retention policy surrounding your data
    • Where are mistakes happenning..email or wrong file share?
    • IT can’t do it themselves
      • People need to come to the table frequently
      • Staff development
      • Marketing
      • HR
        • Do the prep work
        • They don’t know anything about SharePoint
    • Define your security data requirements
      • Identify logging auditing requirements
      • Target the data tht needs to be secure/DRM
      • User data requirements
    • Planning questions
  • Turn on Sharepoint auditing
    • Screen shot technology
  • Audit trimming
  • Long term archiving may require third party solution
  • Reporting
  • Building blocks for your solution
    • Start at your site request process
      • Identify your decision making questions
      • Capture key field metadata
        • Store in site collection property bag
          • Hidden area within site
          • Create custom properties
          • Key value pairs that can be read through code
        • Also consider hidden list in site collection
      • Meet with your customers to understand what they are requesting
    • Using active directory groups
    • HR sites, policy and procedures…use AD groups
  • 0365
  • Helpful resources




29 Jun

#Yammertime, what do I do with “Enterprise Social”?


Customer immersion experience

  • You need to follow users
  • Ask them about their pain points
  • Build experiences to solve business challenges
  • Define Social
  • What Yammer is not
  • What yammer is
  • How to use yammer in a corporate environment


  • Always mobile always moving
  • Collaborate early often and always
  • Grown up on social networks
  • Don’t quite understand e-mail

Another older tradition or methodology:

  • Traditional hierarchies
  • Responsive network

knowledge sharing is prevented by competition within the enterprise.

  • Corporate publishes, and communicates.
  • Designed to be a little less formal
  • Designed to be “I have an issue! Who can help me out?”
  • It is not Facebook for the enterprise
  • You need to stop this.
  • Problem with knowledge hordes
  • Groups in office 365–> this is where things are going..they will eventually merge into one group
  • Use for support groups
  • 2013 office
  • Getting information (tribal knowledge) from baby boomers**
  • Capturing tribal knowledge
  • Help people consume the knowledge
  • BI doesn’t always have the context

Idea exchange / innovation hub**

  • Is there something we can do that lets everybody know for the enterprise.
  • Governance/HR get usage policy!!!**

Monitor keywords*  –  need to do it.