Creating an Approval Workflow

Content approval setting – just set up an alert

Moderator (alert)


  • Content approval, and out of the box workflows
  • Approval is in the area of versioning..weird
  • Draft item security is important, pay attention
  • Reject a submission
  • Out of the box workflows
  • Add a workflow, feature activates
  • Approval workflow, name it. i.e. marketing approval.
  • “Groups” assigns this to all in the group. There is a claim task on the task they are getting
  • Duration per task
  • Different workflows to different content types
  • i.e. company policy manual

Task process designer

  • Assign a task
    • For one person, use “Assign a Task”
    • For more than one, use “Start A Task Process”
  • You can customize your e-mail and manage tasks

Pros and cons