Advanced Enterprise Content Management and Classification in SharePoint on-premises and Office 365

Chris Mcnulte

  • ECM
    • Taxonomies
    • Records retention
    • Get the intro from the earlier presentation
  • Information Architecture
    • Taxonomy
    • Catalogs
    • Content type syndication 365 and delve

Core 2013 and Office 365

What is metadata?

  • Investing in ECM and SharePoint
  • Site collection the most important administrative area
  • Script the process
  • Core service is managed meta data
  • Content types

Metadata new changes how you can edit metada.

OneDrive and SharePoint are the same thing…personalized version of SharePoint.

  • Pinning or reusing a term
  • As they grow (taxonomies) projects/offices/regions/
  • Geographical taxonomies
  • Time zones, etc.
  • Reusing terms = pinning

Wictor Wilen

  • Build in excel

Wand..taxonomy **

  • Download default taxonomies

Content type hubs

  • Allow you to group
  • Sharepoint uservoice .com
  • I create a site collection register as a content type hub/content type gallery once an hour master hub checks for changes/
  • Set up a separate site collection that has nothing to do with intranet cth.contoso.com – content type hub.
    • For server movement
  • Only syndicate business imperative content types
  • Future
  • Document id function can get cut off
  • Syndication allows you to make one change and change all content types
  • Site policies should be defined in the site collection
  • Enterprise policy ECM
  • Content types is problematic when you go to 365 roadmap on presentation

Limit content types if you are on the edge of moving to 2016. 2013 is actually 2 engines at the kernel level, and 2016 is one, basically 2013 with some additions.

Lightning talk in texas? Where?

Managed metadata service connection

  • Content type syndication starts runing
  • Who are the affected admins of the term store
  • Master syndicated content management
  • Enterprise content types needs to be established..others can grow organically

Navigation and information

  • Modern thumbnail-centric library view
  • Inline contextual information panel
  • This is where we will add the functionality due to the move to UX development (DOM)